USS Virgil :: Rules


USS Virgil: Rules

Age Requirement

You must be 15 Years or Older to participate in this game. Upon joining, you will be subject to verify that you are 15 years or older.

Banned Species

Fleet regulations specify that certain species that are not allowed. These include (but are not limited to) Horta, Q, Breen, Androids, Borg (unless liberated from the collective), Dominion Species, Delta Quadrant Species, Xindi, Shapeshifters of all types. These have been banned to keep a somewhat realistic sense and to help provide a fun environment for all players.

Posting Requirements/Activity

Posting requirements aboard USS Virgil follow the posting requirements of a ‘casual’ Pegasus Fleet game. Fleet rules require that a sim maintain a minimum of 1.00 posts per player average each month.

Similarly, USS Virgil requires that all players complete at least one (1) post or more each month in order to maintain active status. If a player does not record at least two posts in a given month, a formal warning will be sent to the player’s email. If the player fails to complete two posts the month following the formal warning, the player’s activity will be reviewed. If it is determined that the warned player has not put forth a sufficient amount of effort to complete the minimum number of posts, then that player will be removed from the sim.

This is a game, and is not supposed to be a job. But inactive players detract from the overall experience of the other players when posts are not completed due to players not answering their tags or taking up roster spots that may be desired by more active characters. Since this is a game, extenuating circumstances will be taken into account during the review process. If a player is unable to participate for a significant length of time, then the command staff needs to be notified of the absence so that posts can be planned around the absence. If a player under review has been working on posts and answering tags, but a post could not be completed due to another player not answering their tags, that will be taken into consideration. The purpose of this rule is not to punish players for having a life outside of the sim, but to ensure that inactive players are removed so that they do not adversely affect the experience of the active players.

If a player knows that they will be unavailable to sim for an indefinite amount of time, they should request to be deactivated until they are able to return to active duty. Leave of Absence (LOA) and Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) should only be used when the player’s return date is known.

Players who have been removed due to not meeting the posting requirements may rejoin the Virgil. However, they will be expected to meet the posting requirement rules or they will be removed again.

Strike System

USS Virgil utilises what is called a strike system. Strikes can be issued for a number of reasons, although strikes on USS Virgil are generally given for disciplinary matters rather than inactivity. Inactivity is punished much more simply: by removal.

When given a strike, a player will receive written notification of the strike, and written notification as to what he or she should do to rectify the situation. If the player does not follow the instructions within a given period of time (generally seven (7) days), he or she will receive another strike.

When a player is given his or her second strike, they will also receive a demotion in rank. If the player is already at the lowest rank possible for his or her rank group (Line Officer, Warrant Officer, or Enlisted Officer), the player will receive a note of reprimand in their permanent Pegasus Fleet record.

When a player gains his or her third strike, they will be removed from the manifest. In this event, the player may rejoin the Virgil after a period of sixty (60) days.


To clarify the situation surrounding harrassment, if a player feels as though they are being harassed then they are being harassed. This game is here for everyone's enjoyment and harassment or irritation will not be tolerated. If there is any form of harassment of a player, the offender will be warned and may be subject to a strike if it continues.

These are not complicated rules and they keep the interests of every player in the game at heart. We want you to enjoy your experience and we want to make sure that you feel you can come to us if there are any issues.

Most important from our point of view is communication. Let us know if you're going to be inactive or you're going to fall behind with posting and we'll see what we can do to help you; don't just let it mount up until you feel like you can't get back into it.