USS Virgil :: The Sim

The Sim

The story of the USS Virgil focuses on the Sojourner 'remnant' who dispersed after being defeated at Starbase 332 and how they relate to a wider threat within the Federation.

The sim takes its inspiration from Starbase 332's story and spins off from it, looking into the work of a Rapid Response Team led by Jordan Gunning, the former security chief of 332. Armed with the newly minted Defiant-class Virgil, a temperamental bit of stealth tech and a Talon-class runabout inexplicably dubbed the Dvorak, Gunning and his team must take on tasks too difficult for 'normal' Starfleet crews while keeping their eye on the Sojourner remnant.

The Story Premise...

Jordan Gunning is called back from his new life as a Private Investigator to Cestus III where he is reactivated into Starfleet and given command of the USS Virgil, a vessel and crew with the specific task of responding to emergencies and the secondary task of hunting down high-value targets from the Sojourner remnant.

The Sojourners have been defeated but their fanatical devotees have been scattered to the four winds and are stirring up trouble wherever they lay their heads. With their leader Vaishaa still on the loose it is up to the Virgil's crew to hunt them down and bring them to justice by whatever means necessary, keeping their eyes firmly on the head of the snake: Vaishaa herself.

There is another threat that lurks in the background though. A worrying trend of isolationism is beginning to creep into Federation culture and many are asking just what galactic exploration and that old missive to 'seek out new life and new civilisations' really offers the Federation as it moves toward the the 25th Century.

Who is sowing these seeds of discontent and what are they trying to achieve...? There's only one way to find out.

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